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My passion is what makes us human beings who we are and helping people to discover and uncover blocks, to allow moving forward in a systematic way to really make that shift and change in their lives to become what and who they are truly meant to and want to be.


Here I hope you find some connection, some inspiration and something of yourself in my blogs and Empath booklet.
Do you ever get frustrated that lessons keep repeating in your life, or you feel stuck in a situation, want to break free of your reactions to people?
We are all here to learn and grow and it can be very painful at times!
I’d love to help you live the life you want to as your true selves.


Do you feel like there is more to life?
Do you ever feel like you are continually trying to live up to everyone's expectations and not fully living your own life?
Do you not know how to self care or feel that it is selfish to put yourself first?
Do you feel that you are not fulfilled by work, or actually dislike your work?
Do you feel stuck in life or certain aspects of your life?


Reflexology is the practice of reflex therapy on the feet. Through our bodies, run meridian lines of energy which culminate in the feet. Here I use a gentle healing reflexology touch to stimulate your organs and cells of your body, to clear blocks and renew health.
There is a well documented link between emotions and health and we can discover yours together so that you can take control of your health and wellness.

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How I can help you

Have you ever felt that you were meant to do something, be it a new vocation, a creative project, become a teacher, healer or anything that your heart literally desires?

Something may be calling to you, but you put it on hold because of fear or you feel that you may not be ready, good enough, clever enough or good looking enough?

Are you wanting a relationship, but keep attracting the same kind of partner?

Do you want a better relationship with your partner, children, family or friends?
Or even- more importantly-yourself?

Are you struggling with grief or forgiveness?

Do you need to learn about being an Empath and attracting narcissists, victims or abusers?

Are there voices playing in your head that may not be your own…something a parent, a teacher, a relative or a friend said that went deep and keeps you stuck?

If any of these are true for you, then I would love to assist you so please reach out if you feel to.

What is an Intuitive Life Coach and what are the benefits?        

As an Intuitive I have found that when talking to people, I sense aspects of their lives they need to address and more importantly, I help them to tap into and open up more fully to their own intuitive abilities and inner guidance system.

We (our Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels and I) light up areas in your life, body, emotions or mind that need clearing and healing. Together we find any blockages or fears that may be preventing you from moving forward, which can be leaving you unsatisfied or unhappy.

Using all my learned wisdom as a Medical Technologist who studied the biology of the body, my own experiences, my ability to work with energy and my Life Coaching I can assist you with different ways to help release these blocks of stuck emotions and free yourself to live your life the way you really want to.

I share tools and resources for you to use to help you shift, while giving you unconditional loving and non-judgemental support and encouragement. I believe passionately in our life pathways and purpose and know that we have everything we need within us, as well as all the support we need.

Being human in this world can be very challenging and at those times we all need some help and support and someone who believes in us and our innate abilities. We have childhood programming, hurts and traumas that stay in our cellular memories, lay pathways in our brains at a biological level causing repetitive behaviours and we have blockages in our energy fields.