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Life Coaching . . . Myself

So as I’m finishing with my life coaching case studies it comes to me that I have been one of the case studies. Lol! The potential and gifts I see in every one of them, with the sure knowledge that they can overcome their blocks 

Thyroid Health and Self Expression

Do you feel tired, experience some level of anxiety and/or depression and battle to lose weight no matter what you do? One of the reasons could be an under active thyroid. You may already have been tested and the result came back as subclinical hypothyroidism. 

The Louise Hay Tree

I had a dream that felt so real. In it I was with some friends and we were sightseeing somewhere – perhaps America- I don’t know. The main thing I wanted desperately to see was the Louise Hay tree. When we got there the cordon 

Society & “Normal”

Isn’t it interesting that human society has created standards, rules and quite frankly, boxes, that we need to live in to be “acceptable”. I’m not sure there are people on this planet who can ever live up to all these unrealistic expectations – thin, rich, 

My Four Legged Angels

Diana Cooper said that dogs came to earth to help disperse negativity. When you think of their ability for unconditional love and acceptance and how, after being shouted at, two milliseconds later are wagging their tails and giving you love licks, I can believe that. 

Perfectly Imperfect

It’s interesting to me that so many women have problems with their reproductive area and gut health. Problems such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and irritable bowel syndrome. I had, in the past, three out of the four examples. It got me thinking that 

What do you love?

I was reading a book which asked to list what we love, in the spirit of appreciation and happy thoughts which bring us to a state of grace.  That got me thinking and as I thought I decided to write some down and combine it 

Trust and Discernment go hand in hand

I used to trust everyone. All the time. I don’t know exactly why I did. I was called gullible many a time because I believed what people were telling me and doing. Not that I didn’t have my eyes opened from young about people telling 

Poem of Renewal

The night was washed clean by the heavy rainfall As I sniffed the cool air moist and crisp in the aftermath of the storm It felt renewed, fresh, reset Ready for a new start Pain had turned me into a chrysalis Hidden away, tucked out 

More than one kind of grief

We all experience grief in our lives and much has been written about the seven stages when you lose someone you love.  Loss can come not only from being parted in death, but being parted in life as well. The estrangement of family, the loss