Dreams Interrupted

Do you have a desire to do something more with your life, change your job, study something, travel, open a small business or anything else?

Is there something stopping you?

What is making you stand on the edge of your dream and gaze at it with longing, but feeling it is just that.

A dream.

Think about it- why would you have a desire, passion or a dream if it was not especially for you? 

For example, I would not have a desire to be the CEO of a large corporation. Why? Because it is not for me. I don’t have the experience or the talents to fulfill this. I do and always have had however, a fascination for the human condition- challenges and desires- and I honour everyone’s story. I have a passion for helping people. So I have what I need to fulfill this- from my basic nature to my studies. So it is the way with all of us.

Dreams are what we are meant to be doing. What is getting in the way? Fears, lack of self confidence/belief in yourself? That is all perfectly normal. Have parents , teachers or others told you that you cannot do it? Do you believe that you don’t have time because you are married and/ or have children? Money can certainly be a huge factor as well.

What if we swept all these aside and decided that as many reasons we have not to follow our dream path, we found as many or more reasons to do just that!  What is the difference between us and the people who have gone “out there” and grabbed hold of their dreams? Was it easy for them?

No, they will all tell you it was not. BUT they believed enough in what they wanted to do, that they faced their fears. They knew it was going to be challenging and sacrifices needed to be made and money was going to be tight at first. Not one of them did not succeed. It may have taken time and some adjustments and that is how they learned and grew into who they are today, doing what they love and believe in. And the best part is that they are adding value, love and positive energy to the world. People like Oprah, Dr Christiane Northrup, Louise Hay to name a few. Those are the ones you can read about, but there are many more who, in a smaller, but no less important way, that are stepping up and out and living their bliss.  They are human like you and I and they believed in themselves and their visions. 

What is that thing that propels them forward, out of their comfort zones? I believe it is the Soul Urge- that voice from our inner wisdom that knows why we are here and if we stop long enough to listen and really feel what that is, we will be propelled forward too by an inner desire to be who we truly are and do what we love.

It is said that 80% of people work in jobs they don’t like- even hate. Why? Fear. Fear of failure if they try anything else, fear of the voices that said they couldn’t do it, fear of society’s expectations to be “successful”, fear of not earning enough, etc,etc. That may keep us stuck, but when you think about it, would it not follow that if we are doing what we really love, all the things we need will fall into place? Synchronicity rocks!

Moms and Dads, would not the best gift you can give your children be to show them that it is ok to do and be who you truly are? More than okay in fact. If we give our lives to being a spouse and and a parent and ignore the signals from our soul, what are we teaching them? Did you have a dream when you were young which got interrupted by life,responsibilities and commitments? Of course if you are perfectly content in your life, than there is no reason to change it and you are doing what you are meant to and that is awesome.

Being human, we are hardwired at a deep brain/instinctual level to survive and that means not taking chances or stepping outside our comfort zones. We spend most of our lives having to overrule these and go into thrive mode. It’s not easy, but is it possible, do-able? Absolutely yes! 

There are so many examples out there of people- ordinary people like you and me- who have done it. Read their stories, talk to people, watch YouTube and Ted Talks and allow yourself to be inspired. Align yourselves with people who talk about what they have and can do, rather than ones who count the ways they can’t. Enlist the help of friends, a life coach or just simply look in the mirror every day and say, ” I can and I am. I believe in you”.

Remember that a journey begins with the very first tiny little step.  Take it!

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