Life Purpose

We are all born with talents and gifts that we bring to this world in order to live our true life purpose and it’s about discovering and uncovering these gifts- becoming the best version of ourselves.

It’s as if our Higher Selves prepare us for re-entry into this world, as an extension of our souls in human form, and like a mother getting her child ready for school, with a backpack of school books for learning and a lunch box of healthy tasty munchies, kissing them goodbye with a loving hug and an hopeful wish that they have a great day and a good learning experience. On the way to school they get their lunch stolen and are pushed down to the ground and kicked by the local bully. Then unexpectedly another child arrives and helps them up, picking up their glasses so they can see clearly again and suddenly they have a best friend to walk through their life with them.

It’s a life of learning how to be in this world as a child, then unlearning it all so that we can be ourselves and not a carbon copy of Society, of Normal, of Successful.

Is true success not just being your Authentic Self?

The one your Higher Self sent off all those years ago to Earth School?

The one where your purpose is revealed by the learning experiences and the expansive feeling of fulfilment in those moments when you KNOW this is what you came here for – THIS is what you are meant to be doing.

And in this doing you discover true Joy.

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