Living in The Future’s Past

This was a title of a documentary on FMTV.

It got me thinking of the whole concept of living in the Now, which is essentially our Future’s Past. So what we do in our Now creates our Future Now.

If we want change we need to think differently, do differently and of course, leave the Past just where it is. I hear a lot that we can’t change our past and thinking about it, or rather, incessantly dwelling on it, leaves us stuck and not moving forward or creating a new pathway to our future.

That also got me thinking about letting go and forgiveness, something I have really struggled with and I know a lot of people do as well. I have a problem accepting and forgiving myself for poor choices made….at least that how I have seen those choices.

BUT, I don’t believe we can fully let go, be present in the now and move forward, unstuck, into our future lives until we have truly accepted and let go. Lessons and experiences will keep repeating, keep nudging, until we do.

Like a lot of people I had been literally programmed with the Guilt button, so I have found it really difficult to forgive myself, even though I have had fantastic lessons and learned to examine a situation to see what is mine (my responsibility and response-ability) and what to hand back to the other person. I’m getting really good at that. I have developed a keen intuition and my Spirit Guides definitely help me with that when I ask.

What I have come to realise is that I can forgive myself for decisions made when I was surviving.

Yes, we all do. Make decisions and choices when we are in survival mode. It was the best we could make at the time, given our circumstances and emotional states.

Its not just that hindsight is 20/20. I believe that we would not make those decisions now because:

  • We are no longer in that survival state.
  • We have learnt and grown from that situation and become a better version of ourselves because of it.

Some of my greatest lessons in life were the most difficult ones. One where I was, as an Empath and found out that I was married to (at the least) a manipulative narcissist, and other events that left me with what was seen by an intuitive cellular memory Healer, as PTSD.

I still have my moments, but I deal with them immediately when I can and now am learning to see what decisions and choices I made out of survival. That helps me to forgive myself, and be free to make better choices now. Although, that being said, I know I will still make mistakes, because as we all are, I am never going to stop learning and growing. That is one of the reasons I am here..on this this time…as we all are.

I’m creating my new future. The really scary challenges, as was seen in my astrological chart in my early 30’s, are over. The rest will be a pathway of ups and downs, but I know I will make it easier for myself…and more peaceful….and more joyful(with the copious amount of guidance I get from the Universe).

That is the loving gift I am giving to myself. I am creating a new Future, not from my Past fears, but from my still and beautiful Now.

You can do the same for yourself.

With Love, Gratitude & Light

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