More than one kind of grief

We all experience grief in our lives and much has been written about the seven stages when you lose someone you love. 

Loss can come not only from being parted in death, but being parted in life as well. The estrangement of family, the loss of a friendship or a partner. This grief is just as impactual and the effects can be felt for a long time. Working through this with help and guidance from close ones here and on the other side of life, eventually heals and if not forgotten, then forgiven and at peace with what is.

There is another type of grief that I believe we may ignore or not even realize. That is the loss of the life we thought we would have, or we hoped for- children, family, that one true love, the career, the health…. I can go on.

I believe that we need to face these and take a good look at them and allow ourselves to feel that grief. If we don’t it stays within us, hidden and unseen and can impact on our energy field and our health and well being.

Love yourself enough to feel sorry for yourself, cry your tears, rage at the unfairness or loss and then finally let go and be free. 

When we do this we create a space for the new and wonderful to come into our lives, like unexpected treasures that restore our faith and bring us happiness and peace.

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