My Four Legged Angels

Diana Cooper said that dogs came to earth to help disperse negativity. When you think of their ability for unconditional love and acceptance and how, after being shouted at, two milliseconds later are wagging their tails and giving you love licks, I can believe that.

After reading this, I understood my little sausage dog cross min pin. When I went to the Rescue Centre to look for a second dog, I had walked through all the enclosures except the last one which was for the huge dogs (NOT what I was looking for) I still felt to make sure so I looked at all the enclosures. As I came around to her enclosure and saw this little Black and Tan dog, before I could think, out of my mouth came, “Oh there you are!”. She was definitely the one I was here to find.

She has been a very gentle peaceful little dog, independent but loving. She spends endless hours lying at my feet or next to me, but I started noticing some days while I was couch surfing that she came and lay right up on my shoulder, her head next to mine. I realised that those were the days that I came home from work after a particularly trying day of dealing with people.

As an empath, I find it difficult to manage people with deep emotional issues. I’m sure you can relate to that as a sensitive person or an empath. I have had to learn to keep a shield up so that I can cope, be understanding and help them without taking it into my own energy field. Between aggressive narcissists, passive aggressive people and victim personalities, I sometimes found myself feeling very heavy and glad to be able to go home and just breathe. That is when I realized that little Gigi (named by her previous owners. “They must have been a gay couple! No straight person would call a dog Gigi!”, my gay hairdresser exclaimed”) would come and sit up near my heart and solar plexus chakra and when I felt balanced would return to her position next to me or at my feet.

I couldn’t be without them now. After I left my husband and changed my whole life, not having kids, they get me out of myself- make me laugh, get me walking when I’m lazy to, play like a child with them and they are the best huggers in the world. Dogs can also bring out inner child out to play.

I was in a less than overjoyed mood the other day, when I unexpectedly had a deep body laugh – you know the one where your whole being shakes and vibrates at the deepest level with mirth. I had a Chuck Norris moment with Gigi as she

was lying peacefully on one end of the couch near the edge and I realized my legs were hanging over uncomfortably as I lay on the length of the couch. Somehow my dogs had taken it over. (Dog lovers can relate to this!) I went to lift my legs over her, but misjudged and whacked her- and in slow movie motion- her head turned and she flipped over sideways with the momentum to land exactly as she had been, with a dazed wft expression on her face- luckily she was completely unhurt. For some reason this was so comical to

me that I packed up laughing and laughed for about 10 minutes while my confused dogs sat looking at me. It was so cathartic! And Gigi, being a dog, forgave me 2 milliseconds later.

Diana Cooper was right of course x

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