Perfectly Imperfect

It’s interesting to me that so many women have problems with their reproductive area and gut health. Problems such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and irritable bowel syndrome. I had, in the past, three out of the four examples. It got me thinking that it can’t just be attributed to physical health. Having studied for years and testing the link between emotions and their effect on the biology of the body, I believe that these can be caused by our emotions and experiences from early in our lives to later in life experiences.

This area is where our 2nd chakra, or as I prefer to call it, energy centre, is located. This energy centre relates to our beliefs about money, sex, partner relationships, personal power and really how we feel about ourselves as men or women in this world. So it stands to reason that any imbalances, traumas or fears in this area will affect the normal functioning of the organs related to this area. The organs are the reproductive systems, large intestine, lower vertebrae, appendix and bladder, according to Dr Christiane Northrup.

The bladder, I learned in Reflexology relates to feelings of anger in your sexual partner, or in a child, to a parent. I was doing reflexology on a regular client when I noticed the bladder area, represented on the inner side of the foot near the ankle, was swollen and red. Never having seen it like this before, I asked her if she was upset with her husband. “Yes!!” was the vehement answer. I believe this is where the expression “pissed off” comes from- excuse my language.

Worldwide 1 in 14 women have had a sexual abuse or harassment experience. In some countries it is more like 1 in 3 or less. It’s no wonder that this will have an impact on this energy centre and our bodies. We first feel it as an emotional impact and it stays in our memory and the body’s cellular memory until we are able to process it by various means.

I have read accounts of women who have cured themselves of cancer by visualization and forgiving themselves and others from the past. Emotions are stored in our cells and can then impact the functioning of those cells and if it is in a hormone producing organ like the thyroid or ovaries, this production and function can be disrupted, resulting in imbalances and illnesses. After all, Disease is Dis-ease in our bodies. 

Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body, explains the link between between illness and emotions and has a long list with affirmations to do. I have found over the last 20 or so years that this is very accurate. I really recommend it.

For example: menopausal problems are linked to rejection of one’s femininity and guilt or fear. For abused women, however slight or minor the abuse may have been, this is what is affected. Fibroid tumors,according to Heal Your Body are from nursing a hurt from a partner and a blow to the feminine ego. I can certainly confirm that.

It is medically and scientifically recognized now that the bowel is the brain power of the body. If this is out of balance our health suffers, we cannot fully digest nutrients and we can become bloated, overweight and fatigued. Are we fully digesting our lives? None of want to feel like this- especially when when want to fit into those lovely skinny jeans and not fear a fart escaping at dinner with friends! We also need our physical energy to do all we do and no matter how much exercise and eating healthily we do nothing will really help, until we sort out our microbiome. And for me, the emotions stuck in our cells and energy field are just as important to really heal- supported by herbal or homeopathic remedies and treatments. 

What is amazing about this is that when we recognize this and work through this to release and forgive, we can truly heal – physically and emotionally. This is so freeing in so many ways and will create the space for wonderful things to come into our lives.

We talk about having Super Powers and some women believe that this is being Everything to Everyone, but we are not Wonder Woman, saving the world and still having time to be the perfect wife, mom, daughter, friend etc. No! Our Super Power is to recognize our beautiful imperfections as valuable lessons learned, not to hold on to, and to love ourselves unconditionally just as we are.

Perfectly Imperfect.

Be your own Superwoman. She is right there… inside of you.

 Love yourself enough to stop and listen to what your body is telling you and take care of You. 

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