Society & “Normal”

Isn’t it interesting that human society has created standards, rules and quite frankly, boxes, that we need to live in to be “acceptable”. I’m not sure there are people on this planet who can ever live up to all these unrealistic expectations – thin, rich, young, successful, famous, model beautiful, talented, super IQ intelligent- to name a few. And who created it and who bought into it? The masses- who now take anti- anxiety tabs and antidepressants because NO-ONE can live up to this and maintain it. Isn’t that the very definition of Insanity?

So it’s with great relief to see that wisdom has been finding its way into the media world, where more and more can be read on balance, inner wisdom and most of all accepting and even celebrating our uniqueness. When I first started my spiritual journey 30 years ago there was nothing like this available. I felt like a purple person in a blue world. But I actually celebrated this and when someone said I was different or crazy, I took it as a compliment and said, “Thank you”.

After all, we are here to bring our own gifts and individuality to this planet- to share, to support, to question and even challenge the “norm” and our perceptions of it. I -having never been considered “normal” and not being born into society’s version of a normal family, am now discovering daily that I meet and read writing from many like-minded people. Worldwide. Yay!!!

Yes we should all be comfortable our differences. We will always have challenge areas in our lives- that is why we are here- experiencing life on earth- to learn, grow, teach, and share. And no matter how bad it can feel at times, it is ALL good. It is all forward movement to a wiser, more self-actualised Being who can choose happiness, who and what we want in our lives and who we want close to us and to feel completely free to be our authentic selves. Not Society’s version, not our parents thwarted dreams version, not our partner’s version, but our own authentic version- our true purposeful selves.

Celebrate your Uniqueness! All of you! The world needs each and every one of you exactly as you are.

#Normal #Society #Unique

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