I was privileged to start a journey of sessions with Sue Louise as my life coach. I started with dreams. Sue provided me with the tools and coaching to help turn these dreams into goals, steps and then into realities. I have used the tools that I have learnt from Sue’s life coaching in my daily life and have been astounded in how my perceptions of life have taken a turn for the positive. I recently went through a rather traumatic event and was sent for counselling. Immediately after the trauma , I adapted my teachings and tools towards the traumatic event and eventually the counsellor told me that I had already done what she would have done to help me. She no longer needed to see me. This is all thanks to the life coaching from Sue. It is not a quick fix. It is a way of life and it does have a huge positive impact on ones life. I truly believe that the life coaching sessions I have completed with Sue are applicable to any age group. My journey still continues as its like peeling an onion, new dreams keep surfacing.

Thank you so much Sue for leading me on this wonderful journey.