Thyroid Health and Self Expression

Do you feel tired, experience some level of anxiety and/or depression and battle to lose weight no matter what you do?

One of the reasons could be an under active thyroid. You may already have been tested and the result came back as subclinical hypothyroidism. According the Dr Christiane Northrup, a gynecologist who believes in medical and alternative approaches to women’s health and aging, 1 in 8 women have a thyroid issue sometime in their lives.

T3, a thyroid hormone, is found in in large quantities in the limbic area of the brain, according to Dr Northrup, and this area is responsible for your emotions of pain, fear, joy etc.

If you don’t have enough T3 or its action is blocked it could lead to depression and anxiety.

Read her interesting and enlightening article on her website on this link:

There are physical reasons for this low thyroid activity, which I won’t go into, but what is also important to note is that it can also be caused or linked to emotional reasons of not expressing ourselves. I say ourselves because I am one of those 1 in 8 women and have been for probably a very long time. I eventually found a doctor who put me on thyroid treatment, but I have also looked at the cause of mine.

As a qualified Medical Technologist and someone who is therefore always fascinated by biology, it’s easy to just say that it was inherited from my mother who also had it, but I know that there are usually underlying causes as well.

The thyroid gland which lies snuggly in the throat area is also the energy centre (chakra) for self expression. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Before I go any further with this, I must add that when I studied to be a Reflexologist, having already done hands on healing, I was introduced to Louise Hay’s Book of illnesses in the body and what emotions they are related to. Having a scientific mind where the body is concerned, and not sure about it all, I set about to question all my case studies, friends and anyone else who complained of an illness, however slight, about what they were feeling emotionally. I was amazed that they were experiencing the emotion/s that Louise Hay had in her book. When we chatted about it and they had reflex treatments or healing, their symptoms improved – and their emotional states too of course!

I had already studied Barbara Ann Brennan’s book, Healing Hands of Light, when I was doing the healing course and it was right up my alley because she was a NASA physicist and explained energy and the human energy field (aura) scientifically. This was also how I started to understand how energy and emotions are interlinked.

Back to the thyroid….. I first saw this connection in a work colleague who said it felt like she had something in her throat. She saw her doctor and he confirmed that there was nothing physical there. The sensation persisted and she was very uncomfortable with it. This was back when I was doing my research and I asked if there was anything she was hesitant to express. She did admit that she needed to tell her husband some things of what she was feeling, but being a good Indian wife she felt she could not. Knowing her husband was a lovely man and Reflexologist himself, I suggested she take a deep breath and give it a go. The next day my relieved colleague came to work and joyfully told me that she had expressed all her concerns and needs to her husband, and as I thought he was actually happy she had. They sorted it all out and from that day the “lump” in her throat was gone.

When we are blocked from expressing ourselves and speaking our truth, it can manifest on the physical level. I have experienced this myself and seen it in so many others. Anything can manifest as anything from a vague feeling of a lump or constriction to a sore throat and over the years may lead to or contribute to a sluggish thyroid. It’s worth looking into anyway, isn’t it? Woman I have spoken to over the years and recently, have admitted to having a problem speaking up for themselves. This can be for fear of hurting another’s feelings, not being liked, being a people pleaser or just believing for some reason that they are not as valuable as others. Sometimes it comes from being blocked from childhood experiences. Whatever the reason, we can change it. Affirmations spoken daily, tapping on yourself, seeing a counsellor or alternative practitioner can really make headway to clear these blocks and create thyroid health and healthy expressing of you truth. It is vital that you do learn to speak your truth because that is what we are here for- to add our insights to the world and,as a human being, we have the right and need to express our emotions. When we speak our truth and create healthy boundaries, we do it with love and kindness, but we also need to be firm and use the seldom used wonderful word in the English dictionary, “No”. We can say, ” I won’t be able to do that” or “Now is not a good time for me”. Both those mean No. Use these if you find you choke if you say the word No. It can be very empowering and cathartic. Remember that you have just as much right to ask for what you want as everyone else and you can say what you mean and feel, without the world imploding or your loved ones running for the hills. People will love and respect you and if they don’t you don’t need them in your life.

In speaking your truth you will free yourselves up, be happier, healthier and teach others how to treat you and be an example for your children. What a bonus!

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